TBMYO Makine

There are two workshops which belong to the program. There are lathes, milling machine, drilling machine, bending, cutting, grinding and pressing machines. Our classes and workshops are equipped with projection systems in order to teach courses with high visual quality. In addition there are two computer labs for computer-aided drawing and design lessons. In our school Mechanical Program maintains education with Primary Education and Secondary Education Our students take courses in our school for the first 3 semesters and do an internship in industry in the 4th semester.

The program’s objective is to introduce new technologies pertain to theoretical and practical knowledge of machine training appropriate to the changing conditions of day and gain knowledge and skills such as Computer aided Design and Engineering, Management and Organizational Principles, Production and Planning Techniques, Machining and Chipless Manufacturing Processes and Machine Tools, Hydraulic-Pneumatic Control Systems

Our mission and vision is to meet the need for intermediate staff with business skills and adequate knowledge including chipping and chipless manufacturing looms, welding machines, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, CNC machines and CAD and CAM programs.

2002-2003 Academic Year

Primary Education:50 (2019-2020)

The lowest points: 270

Mechanical, Casting, Ships Machines, Construction Machineries, Moulding, Mechatronics, Metallurgy, Automotive Tech , Rail Systems, Painting machines, metal works, Leveling, aircraft engine maintenance, hydraulic and pneumatic. Tech., Industrial Mechanics

The grad students whose title is ‘technician’ have a lot of opportunities while searching for a job. They are able to work in different fields such as the marble, the manufacture of the machines of the industry, the textile, the mining, the public and private establishments where the machines are used. They are able to work in the areas such as production, maintenance, drafting and design. They are able to establish their own business

Mechanical Engineering,, • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,, Materials Science and Engineering,, • Material Engineering,, • Manufacturing Engineering,, • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,, • Energy Systems Engineering,, Industrial Engineering ,,Shipbuilding and Ship Mechanical Engineering,, Ship Machines Operating Engineering,, Ship and Marine Technology Engineering,, Automotive Engineering • Agricultural Machineries

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